Single Ply Roofing Membrane

Single-ply is a roofing system consisting of a single layer of flexible membrane material installed over a roof deck or insulation. This roofing type is lightweight, easy to install, and cost-effective. It's durable, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient. Single-ply roofing is used for flat or low-sloping roofs on commercial and residential buildings.

Single Ply Membrane Roof Types

• 30 Year Warranties Available on all Single-Ply Membrane Options

• Multiple Color Options Available


(Thermoplastic Olefin)


(Polyvinyl Chloride)


(Ketone Ethylene Ester)


(Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer)

Simulated Metal Roofing

TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing is the most economical and popular choice. High reflectivity to withstand higher temperatures, various types of weather, and UV rays. In addition, TPO has strong heat-welded seams making it an excellent choice for new construction, retail, and warehouses.

PVC Roofing

Dependable protection with proven performance since the 1960s. PVC is resistant to chemicals, grease, fire, and punctures. It’s energy energy-efficient, keeping buildings cool, and can be recycled many times over, extending the life cycle of the roof. PVC Roofing is easy to install and repair.

KEE Roofing

A high-performance single-ply membrane that provides superior hot air welding characteristics, extreme UV resistance, broad chemical resistance, and long-term flexibility and reparability for the installed roofing membrane system.


Used for more than 50 years, has shown a history of proven performance and provides excellent resistance to all weather and hail damage. Dark-colored EPDM helps building owners save on heating costs, and light-colored EPDM helps building owners save on cooling costs.


Contour rib roofing or decorated rib roofing — provides the look of metal and has a proven, long-term track record and thermoplastic welded seams for superior and durable leak protection.

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